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If you know me at all you know there are two things I am absolutely in love with… pasta and pizza!!! Luckily, I found the best place in Round Rock to have them without paying an arm and a leg for the quality! Palermo Pasta House on Main Street in downtown Round Rock cooks their pizzas in a stone oven AND handmakes their pasta. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff are very warm and welcoming. I ordered a ton of things on the menu, because when I’m reviewing a place I need to know they have more than one good dish. Make sure you get the calzone and cannelloni! You won’t regret it. They average around $13.50 per dish when it’s all said and done, and it is more than worth it.


If you’re not into pasta (who is not into pasta?), you should check out Pecan Street Station Deli & Grill for something lighter. Located only 11 miles away in Pflugerville you’ll find every type of salad or sandwich that your little healthy heart desires. I opted for the chili cheese spud and a visit to the salad bar. The location is locally owned and operated which gives it a nice family feel. There ain’t a thing on the menu over $10 so you’re really getting a bang for your buck when you choose to dine here. A drive thru is offered for those days when you really just wanna stay in your pajamas, and the service is always friendly at the window.


If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind fighting the Austin traffic you can head to my favorite BBQ place OF ALL TIME. Louie’s is a barbecue food truck located in the St. Elmo’s food truck court on South Congress. First off, let me say I don’t normally choose to eat outside when it’s above 85 degrees, but for Louie’s I made an exception. Situated under a huge tree sits the smoker, a few picnic tables, and the food truck! Walking up from where we parked I could already smell that familiar smell….. Brisket. When I noticed the large amount of shade I immediately let out a sigh of relief. (it gets HOT in Texas) Because I wanted a good sense of the flavors at Louie’s…. I ordered a giant spread of multiple items on the menu! Potato salad, Jalapeno cheese sausage, regular sausage, brisket, pulled pork, mac n cheese, street corn, flour tortillas, and a Mexican coke. (Turkey served on Friday and Saturday only which made me sad because it’s my favorite. Guess I’ll have to go back SOON) My favorite was the sausage and potato salad! I’m a PICKY eater when it comes to my tater salad, but I was not disappointed. Obviously I was living my best life here. Louie told me all about his dreams for the future and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Louie’s BBQ. He was such nice guy and I hope that all his BBQ dreams come true! When all is said and done I would 10/10 recommend you make the trip here and order all of the things because they are all wonderful.



Now put on your stretchy pants and go forth to the delicious eats! Let me know what your favorite is!



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