Fall is HERE AT LAST!!!

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Fall is here! I have been anxiously awaiting our weather to dip out of the 90s and start cooling down. With cooler weather comes more outdoor activities that are MUCH more comfortable to endure. My property manager and I will be attending ACL on Oct 7th! We’ll be out there reppin’ the ace and living our best lives. If you see us there say hello!


Other than ACL there are a ton of other activities I’ve got on my list to check out that you might find fun too!


Austin Oktoberfest is September 29th! There will be live music, craft brews, and some amazing foods. Entry to the event is free, but you can purchase tickets to receive a beer stein and some other memorabilia. One of the downsides is that your fur babies aren’t allowed, but don’t let that stop you from having fun! I missed out on this last year, but you might see me and my husband walkin’ around in lederhosen!


If you’re into the spookier aspect of fall then you’ll probably want to swing by the House of Torment! It’s Austin’s premier haunted house, and this year it’s supposed to be better than ever! It opens on Sep 28th and tickets start at about $27. Go and get the pants scared off ya! There are three different houses to go into and they’ve got every type of scary thing you can think of! You might see me there with my eyes covered, but I still love to be scared!


Fall starts my favorite time of the year. It puts me in a good mood and makes me wanted to buy everything pumpkin! What are some of your fav fall activities? Share them with me below! ����



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