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Frozen chocolate covered bananas

Nothing brings back childhood memories like frozen chocolate-covered bananas!  Not only are these delicious but they are simple to make and they are on the healthier end of the dessert spectrum. Remember to consider the environment when making these and choose organic bananas. The Science Banana plantations in Costa Rica use a significant amount of…

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Keep your health in check!

During the holidays, it seems like everyone starts to put their nutrition and exercise on the back burner. And for good reason! It's very busy, you have a list of a million things to do, and you seem to never get a break. I know the struggle all too well. But this holiday season let's…

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Home is where the food is.

If you know me at all you know there are two things I am absolutely in love with… pasta and pizza!!! Luckily, I found the best place in Round Rock to have them without paying an arm and a leg for the quality! Palermo Pasta House on Main Street in downtown Round Rock cooks their…

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